A beautiful holiday home to rent in Sardinia, Italy

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A riverside view of Bosa, Sardinia with the medieval castle 'Castello Malaspina' presiding over it.

Best Beaches

There is no shortage of amazing beaches all around Bosa, Sardinia – in fact, it is difficult to get around to them all in only a week. It is advisable to rent a hire car but if you're fit, you can certainly visit quite a few by bike.

1. Bosa Marina’s award-winning beach

Driving from the old town down to the Bosa Marina takes minutes and at first glance Bosa Marina seems a bit, well, unremarkable, and shabby. However, once you are on the beach it is a different story. To start with the view is quite breathtaking: the beach and marina seem to be completely enclosed by a fence of surrounding mountain and the distant Castello Malaspina (the medieval castle) and surrounding multi-coloured old town facade is a picturesque sight to behold. You will notice the wide expanse of beach is spotlessly clean and the water and surf is crystal clear. Indeed, this award-winning beach is regularly voted as one of Italy's cleanest beaches, quite an achievement given the fact that there are literally hundreds of beaches on this island alone.

We always head for the right hand side of the beach, closer to the Spanish Watchtower, where there are a couple of nice, clean bars and it tends to get a little less crowded. Even so, Bosa beach is quite well protected from the crowds and is perfect for a lazy day trip with plenty of sunbathing and sea dipping to be had for the whole family. If you are feeling energetic, there is wind-surfing, scuba diving and pedallos for hire on the beach and a variety of bars ranging from gelaterias through to vast clubby bars. There are a couple of small shops selling beach toys and equipment and a few restaurants. Most bars have clean loos and a terraced area where you can sit and enjoy an ice cream whilst you watch the world go by.

The beaches below are easy to reach if you have hired a car and not too far away if you’re getting to them by bike.

2. Sabba Drucche – a child-friendly beach

Located, about 2km out of Bosa, on the road to Alghero. It costs 5 euros a day and it is worth getting there early as it gets quite crowded. It is a very child-friendly beach plus there is a nice bar plus loos and covered parking.
There is a bar that sells snacks in July and August only and the parking fee entitles you to use the toilets and other facilities available.

3. Turas beach

On the road out of Bosa Marina towards Porte Alabe.

Parking fees are charged in July and August and there is a small bar selling snacks open in the summer months only.

4. Porto Alabe

This beach can be found by heading out of Bosa in the opposite direction towards Cugilieri (south towards Cagliari). It can be quite rough though, so only go into the water if locals are swimming.

There is a charge for parking in July and August of 70 cents an hour and the beach has a lifeguard at peak times plus a nice pizzeria on the beach. There is also another bar/restaurant on the main road, a short walk from the beach.