A beautiful holiday home to rent in Sardinia, Italy

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A riverside view of Bosa, Sardinia with the medieval castle 'Castello Malaspina' presiding over it.

Festivals & Carnival

Bosa has some wonderful festivals and they are open to all. The local people are extremely proud of their celebrations. You will be cordially and sometimes even quite forcefully invited to participate!

On festival days and in the run up to them, streets like Via Bonaria, where our holiday home Dommu Asuletta lies, are decorated and prepared with pride. Most festivals are based around Roman Catholic Feast Days and holidays and it is always amazing to see the very young to the really, really old enjoying the festivities together.

Start of Carnevale

(January 17th)

People come from all over Sardinia to celebrate what is one of Bosa’s key festas. It has its roots in pagan tradition and starts with a bonfire on which effigies are burned and ends with everyone on the streets dressed in white and carrying lanterns.

Santa Maria del Mare

(1st Sunday in August)

Easier for the average visitor to be in Bosa to enjoy is this traditional fishermen’s procession in honour of Our Lady the Protector of the Sea from the church in Bosa Marina to the cathedral in Bosa along the river of beautiful decorated boats carrying an effigy of the Virgin Mary. Very serene and beautiful to watch.

San Lorenzo Day

(August 10th)

Look out for shooting stars.


(August 15th)

A national holiday throughout Italy. Everyone celebrates with good food and a day at the beach.

Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos

(2nd Sunday in September)

A procession along the streets of Bosa ends with a banquet at the castle of traditional Bosan food. There are small altars to the Virgin Mary erected all over the town and traditional singing and dancing to enjoy also.


The town of Tresnuraghes is famous for its festivals and processions – most of these are steeped in Catholic tradition and if you’re visiting the village, you will almost certainly be persuaded to join in!

Sa Sartiglia, Oristano

(End of February/start of Carnevale)

Sa Sartiglia is the most spectacular Carnival in Sardinia. An equestrian game with ancient origins in which brave horsemen compete with one another in a tournament to select the figure of Su Componidori, the horseman that wearing a mask of a mysterious God will pierce the star. The atmosphere is dramatic with the incessant rolling of the drums when the horseman wearing the mask of a mysterious God draws his sword holding it in front of him, he stands up on his saddle while he is galloping at high speed along the road, moments later the point of the sword pierces the star. He then proudly parades through the cheering crowd showing off his trophy.

The Artichoke Festival in Uri

(2nd Sunday in March)

Uri, a small town not far from Sassari and Alghero celebrates, well, artichokes! Worth a trip even if you’re not mad about artichokes – loads to look at and especially taste, at this culinary festival.