A beautiful holiday home to rent in Sardinia, Italy

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A riverside view of Bosa, Sardinia with the medieval castle 'Castello Malaspina' presiding over it.

Top travel tips

Here are just a few of the tips and tricks we can share as Sardinian holiday regulars.

1. Save money on flights to Sardinia

Ryanair fly to the nearest airport to Bosa (Alghero-Fertilia). They charge an extra £10 per head (for a return flight) for all debit/credit card transactions.

However, if get a Prepaid Mastercard you can avoid this charge altogether, as well as having a means of carrying money abroad much more safely. We have found Caxton FX's Global traveller Card to be a winner! Book a flight to Sardinia here.

2. Bring a bottle to the beach!

If you have children (of any age) drinks at the beach can be a huge expense over a whole day so be like a true Italian and bring your soft drinks with you in a coolbox and only visit the beach bars for lunch or an ice-cream!

3. Sun cream

Cream can be bought at a Pharmacy but is not always sold in the shops by the beach so stock up as soon as you arrive!

4. Cheap eats

If you want to eat on a budget, look out for where the locals dine. We know a fantastic pizzeria takeaway on Via Ginnassio (just off Central Square) where the pizza is tasty and great value. Find where else to eat in Bosa.

5. Locally-brewed Sardinian wine

Wine and beer can be bought from the supermarkets but wine can also be bought from Zio Elio beside the restaurant Sa Nassa opposite the Bosa Cathedral – only 5 mins walk from the house. The wine is made by the family and can be bought by the bottle. It comes highly recommended!

6. Haggle smart

If you know a few choice words of Italian, this will go along way when you are trying to knock the price down on the leather bag that the market trader has for sale. Try asking him for uno sconto (discount), with a smile ...because it's your first time in Sardinia... "Può darmi uno sconto, perchè è il mio primo tempo in Sardegna?" It worked for us!

7. Early bird

Italians tend to shop and do their chores early so get to the supermarket first thing for fresh bread, croissants and cakes.

8. Siesta!

There is a lull between 12pm and 3pm, the hottest part of the day and then things slowly start to move again from late afternoon and into the evening. Use this time to eat and relax – just as the Italians famously do. Dinner is late so if you can persuade younger children to snooze at this time, there's a leisurely evening of eating and drinking to be enjoyed by young and old.

9. Some decorum please.

Italy may be very tourist-friendly and known for fashion, but it is generally considered rude to walk around town in bikinis, beach attire, short shorts and skimpy outfits.

10. Tipping

Always appreciated and usually done with cash, 'il servizio' is often included as part of a meal's bill. Where the amount is left to you, a few euros for a decent meal for two is fine and leaving 10% is considered quite generous.

We have discovered these handy tips through trial and error whilst on holiday in Sardinia (and elsewhere in Italy and the Mediterranean). We are sharing them with you so that you can get the best out of your stay in our holiday home. If you have any holiday tips of your own that we can add for the benefit of our guests and fellow holidaymakers, please let us know by getting in contact.