A beautiful holiday home to rent in Sardinia, Italy

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A riverside view of Bosa, Sardinia with the medieval castle 'Castello Malaspina' presiding over it.

About Sardinia

Sardinia is such a beautiful island to explore. It enjoys almost year-round sunshine. It has some of the world’s most beautiful, unspoiled beaches but also boasts interesting towns, landscapes and culture to explore if you get tired of soaking up the sun's rays.

The island measures just 165 km from tip to tip and is easy to explore along mostly easy and quiet roads. It is the second largest of the Mediterranean islands in Italy and is well connected to the rest of Europe and beyond with its three main airports: Cagliari-Elmas in the south, Olbia-Costa Smeralda to the north east and Alghero-Fertilia on the west coast.

Famous Costa Smerelda, bustling Cagliari

To the north, the Costa Smerelda has stunning beaches and turquoise waters – it is easy to see why it is loved by the rich and famous as a holiday destination.

The south part of the island is home to Sardinia's capital, Cagliari, with its hustle and bustle, fascinating culture and shops, while the open, under-populated landscapes at the centre of the island are ideal for walkers and offer the chance to visit traditional villages, where a slower pace of life and the old ways still prevail.

Sardinia’s west coast

Sightseeing, day trips, history and culture

The west coast has only recently become popular with tourists and retains much of its natural charm. Oristano (host to the popular Sa Sartiglia carnival) and the ancient fortress town of Alghero are two buzzing towns on this coast with plenty to discover and explore. However, the smaller villages, towns and places of interest scattered along this long expanse of coast offer equally enchanting and fascinating insight into the island’s diverse and rich history.

From the secret caves of Neptune’s Grotto of Capocaccia in the north to the mysterious prehistoric Nuraghi stone fortresses scattered around there is something to appeal to everyone.


The unspoilt, rocky coastal area is a haven for many unusual bird varieties like the endangered griffon vulture, the red kite and the golden eagle – it is no wonder that birdwatching is increasingly popular. Discover where to go birdwatching in Sardinia.

Water sports, mountain sports and other activities

Sardinia offers a great variety of activities to enjoy, especially on the west coast – snorkelling, wind surfing, surfing, kite surfing and sailing are common pursuits enjoyed by holidaymakers and locals alike. The area around Bosa is famous for its coral and diving in this area is popular all year round. The area of Porto Conte with the Natural Park is ideal for trekking, hiking and mountain-bike excursions.

Perfectly located to explore Sardinia

Our rental home Dommu Asuletta is situated in the medieval town of Bosa, Sardinia. There is plenty to explore on foot but if you rent a hire car there is much more to do as you can explore the rest of the island, all within a couple of hours drive. Dommu Asuletta is perfectly located to provide easy access to all that Sardinia has to offer, ensuring your summer holiday is packed full of things to do and see.

Incidentally, Ryanair fly to Alghero-Fertilia, the nearest airport to our holiday home, only 55 minutes away – you can book a flight to Sardinia here.