A beautiful holiday home to rent in Sardinia, Italy

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A riverside view of Bosa, Sardinia with the medieval castle 'Castello Malaspina' presiding over it.

When to visit

Sardinia is beautiful all year round but depending on what kind of holiday you want, here's a very general guide to what's happening when in Bosa...

Peak season in Sardinia

July and August are the busiest month in Bosa as it is traditionally when Italians take their holidays. Bosa is never full of tourists but in August there are singers at a lot of the bars in the evening and the beaches and restaurants are all busy. Everyone is out and about from 6pm until the early hours, chatting, catching up with friends and relaxing at the many lovely bars and eateries.

This time of year is very hot and so ideal to spend on the beach where many water sports are prevalent: wind surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, waterskiing and for the more chilled amongst us, pedalloing and fishing.

Visiting Sardinia in Spring

There is much to be said for visiting Bosa in the Spring. It is quiet and very different to the summer months but if you are interested in walking, kite surfing, wind surfing, bird watching or fishing and you like to see nature literally springing to life, then there is lots to see in the awakening countryside.

The weather starts to warm up in May and many people find the water warm enough for a swim, though the locals will think you're mad but are sympathetic and bemused rather than outright rude about this strange un-Italian habit!

Holidaying in June and September

Perfect, in our opinion, if you like a quieter holiday. It is hot, but not as intense as July and August and everyone is very laid back in the town as it is less busy.

Bosa all year round

Visiting Bosa at other times of the year may mean less reliable weather but a more relaxed and chilled out stay. There are a large body of people who visit Bosa and it’s surrounding beaches in March, April and May for surfing holidays and also to enjoy leisure pursuits less reliant on the warm conditions like fishing, birdwatching, kite-surfing and walking.

The local people are kind, courteous and helpful all year round so you can expect the same service off peak as you will receive in the busiest times.